At Almansa & Asociados our definition of quality includes not only full respect for the ethical standards that Spanish law firms are subject to, strict lawyer-client confidentiality, and protecting the interests of our clients, but it’s also based on three fundamental pillars that we apply to every aspect of our relationship with the client:

  • Adapting to the language, mentality, and specific circumstances stemming from the client’s nationality, knowing that only in this way can we evaluate and satisfy their expectations with the degree of excellence that our firm is proud to provide.
  • Accompanying and always helping the client throughout every step of the proceedings, placing special emphasis on doing most of the paperwork with our authority as notaries, obtaining documents and undertaking proceedings not only in the client’s country of origin, both before the authorized agencies in their country and at the Spanish Consulate, but also with the Spanish agencies that regulate immigration proceedings.
  • We place an extremely high value on our clients’ time, and we do everything possible to respond quickly to any legal necessity as well as for those cases that require the client to take action personally, so as to minimize the loss of their time. Likewise, we take pains when planning with the client to adapt their schedule to the legally required timeframes.