At Almansa & Asociados we are conscious about the fact of getting residency status in Spain is as important to our clients as being guaranteed that it will be possible to renew it later on.

Generally speaking, the renewal process is simple from the point of view of documentation and is also faster than the initial permit application. In Spain, the jurisdiction for processing renewal applications is delegated to the Sub-delegation of the Government of the province that the applicant resides in or, in the case of authorization for residency for investors, also at the headquarters of the Agency for Large Companies and Strategic Collectives in Madrid.

In the case of non-work residency permit renewals, the first renewal may be granted one year after the issuance of the initial permit. In those cases where renewal is granted, a two-year permit is issued, which in turn can be renewed for another two years. Once this first period of five years has been completed, the individual may apply for long-term residency, which is renewable every five years.

In general terms, the key factor for renewal is maintaining the basic conditions that were required for the initial permit: maintaining adequate housing, maintaining sufficient economic means, and having valid health insurance.

In the case of renewing residency permits for investors, the renewal takes place every two years, and long-term residency becomes accessible after having resided in Spain continuously for five years.