Almansa & Asociados has been doing business in Russia, from our very own office, since 2008, though our prior professional experience in began in 2002 when we first established professional and business contacts there.

Currently, Almansa & Asociados is the undisputed leader in legal relationships between Spain and Russia, being the only Spanish law firm with full operations and their own offices in both Spain and Russia.

The services that we render in Russia are mainly geared towards the needs of companies from Spain and other Spanish-speaking countries within the spheres of legal, accounting, and business services. Our business is registered with the Spanish Business Office in Moscow and the Spanish Consulate General in the Russian Federation.

The services that we offer to our clients who currently have or wish to initiate business relationships with Russia include but are not limited to:

  • Incorporating Russian businesses and corporations, subsidiaries of Spanish companies and representation offices, along with analysis regarding the best way to implement them for the client.
  • Legal and accounting maintenance for the incorporated company.
  • Consulting for Russian labor contracts and immigration cases.
  • Consulting regarding bids and procurements in the Russian Federation.
  • Legal claims in Russia dealing with business issues.
  • Legal translations from Russian to Spanish and from Spanish to Russian.